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Dr Rob Melillo - Neuro Parenting Mastery Sydney November 12 2023 - Couple (2 Tickets)

Attend Dr Rob Melillo's "Neuro Parenting Mastery" in Sydney, November 12th with your spouse or a family member (Couple - 2 Tickets).

What you'll get:

  • Get the opportunity to meet Dr Melillo - and participate in a Q+A to answer all your burning questions
  • Learn how to perform an at-home assessment of primitive reflexes and hemisphericity as taught in Dr Melillo‚Äôs book
  • Discover how to utilise the Melillo Method to help families and children with a range of neuro-behavioural disorders including Autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, global developmental delay, anxiety, Asperger's and much more 
  • Get the 3-hour intensive on-demand course "Introduction To Functional Neuroanatomy" for FREE as part of this special bonus offer 

- All prices are in AUD, inclusive of GST
- Registration includes digital copies of presenter notes, clinical forms, questionnaires, home-based and clinical exercise 
- Morning and afternoon coffee/tea and snacks, as well as lunch are provided