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Learn The Foundations In Brain Development Required To Solve Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Asperger's, Sensory Sensitivities, Tics, Stims, And More

Neurodevelopmental conditions can be mysterious, frustrating, and complicated. Many clinicians and specialists struggle to provide clients the care they need, and parents as well as patients experience the direct consequences of treatment missing the mark.

Due to the great variety in which Autism, ADHD, Asperger's, Dyslexia and others present, the appropriate course of action isn't directly obvious to practitioners: two different patients with the same symptoms may require completely different treatment. The same diagnosis may require fundamental adaptations to an already established program. This makes the healing journey for patients and families at times lengthy and expensive, and may even increase symptoms if not managed correctly.

This isn't the fault of most specialists, or the patients for that matter. It is directly linked to a gap between the training practitioners receive, and the increase in patient numbers suffering from various relatively novel syndromes.

Dr Robert Melillo's Neurodevelopmental Foundations On-Demand Course was designed to fill that gap, and to empower practitioners and families alike in conquering neurodevelopmental conditions.

A Foundations Event For Practitioners, Parents, Caregivers and Patients

What This Course Is About


Bridging The Knowledge Gap

Get access to over 30 years of clinical experience where neurodevelopmental disorders are no longer a challenge. Dr Melillo's on-demand course bridges the critical knowledge gap in dealing with complex conditions such as autism, ADHD, Asperger's, and Dyslexia. Whether you're a dedicated health practitioner aiming to enhance your expertise, or a caring family member seeking deeper insight: this course is your gateway to a better understanding. Transform your approach with evidence-based strategies, and gain confidence in managing these conditions effectively. Join us to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by neurodevelopmental challenges.

Empowerment Through Education

Transform uncertainty into confident action with this program designed for empowerment in neurodevelopmental education. By providing in-depth knowledge and practical tools, you are prepared to face the challenges of autism, Dyslexia, and similar conditions head-on. Equip yourself with the education that empowers, enabling you to bring positive change in your professional practice or family life.

Practical Application

Master the art of implementing effective strategies for neurodevelopmental conditions with Dr Melillo. Each lesson is a step towards practical mastery, providing you with the tools and confidence to apply your knowledge in real-world situations - whether in a healthcare setting, or at home with a loved one.

Expert Guidance

Learn directly from the most seasoned expert in the field of neurodevelopmental research and practice. Get face-to-face with a pioneer in brain-based research and therapy. Dr Melillo's wealth of experience and knowledge is at your disposal, providing a unique learning experience that can redefine your approach to the most challenging conditions such as Autism, ADHD, and Asperger's.

Stay Ahead in a Fast-Evolving Field

Navigate the rapidly changing and evolving landscape of neurodevelopmental care with this program, designed to keep you at the forefront of the latest advancements. Stay informed and ahead of the curve in a field where new discoveries and techniques are constantly emerging, ensuring you provide the most effective care and support in clinic and at home.

Tailored for Real-life Challenges

Every aspect of this course is crafted with the realities of neurodevelopmental conditions in mind. From handling complex patient cases to supporting a child’s learning needs at home, you are given the strategies that are proven, immediately relevant, and beneficial.




One of the most respected clinicians in childhood neuro-development disorders in America, Dr. Robert Melillo (USA registered Chiropractor) has been helping children overcome learning challenges for over 30 years. His areas of clinical expertise include physical, attention, behavioral and learning disorders, as well as diet, nutrition and neuroimmune disorders in children and adults.

As a clinician for 30 years, a university professor, brain researcher, best selling author, radio and TV host, his cutting-edge research and success with over a thousand children in his private program are what led to the creation of Brain Balance Achievement Centers. Dr. Melillo has a private practice now that helps adults and children with various learning disabilities.

He is focused on addressing the primary issue in most learning disabilities and behavioral disorders which is known as a functional disconnection. Since he introduced this concept, functional disconnection has become one of the leading theories in the world related to Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and more. This work is leading the way toward understanding the underlying nature of these disorders and their causes.

Additionally, comprehensive seminar notes, handouts clinical notes, questionnaires and treatment plans are provided

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What To Expect

Join Dr. Robert Melillo in this transformative course, uniquely designed to provide cutting-edge insights into brain functionality and the developmental science of neurodevelopmental disorders. Whether you're starting your journey or building upon existing knowledge, this course offers practical, easy-to-grasp content that resonates with both healthcare professionals and families.

Who Is This For?

Perfect for practitioners already working in the field seeking to deepen their expertise, or those who wish to expand their practice in that direction.

Ideal for families striving for a better understanding of developmental challenges such as ADHD, autism, and neurodevelopmental delays. Improve management at home, have better education to find the right practitioners, and learn how to care for yourself as you are caring for your loved ones.

Course Structure and Content

Engage with an evolving curriculum that combines interactive lectures, case studies, and hands-on learning. Spanning over 13 hours, this course brings to life the foundational concepts of brain development and functional connectivity in both children and adults. Find the entire breakdown of all 8 modules and their content below!

Transformative Learning Outcomes

Step into a world of enhanced understanding and practical application. For practitioners, refine your clinical approach with innovative strategies and treatment modalities. For families, gain empowering insights to support your loved ones effectively.

Take A Look Inside

This On-Demand Course Covers

  1. Introduction to Neurodevelopmental Disorders
    • Understanding what underlies ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Aspergers etc.¬†
  2. Overview of neurodevelopmental disorders
    • Prevalence and impact
  3. Fundamentals of Brain Development
    • Key stages in brain development
    • Factors affecting brain growth and development
  4. Role of Primitive Reflexes
    • Understanding primitive reflexes in development
    • Link between reflexes and developmental disorders
  5. Assessment and Diagnostic Approaches
    • Tools for evaluating neurodevelopmental disorders
    • Interpretation of diagnostic results
  6. The Melillo Method: Principles and Techniques
    • Core principles of the Melillo Method
    • Application in treatment and therapy
  7. Treatment Strategies and Intervention
    • Developing individualised treatment plans
    • Methods and techniques for intervention
  8. Progress Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Techniques for tracking and assessing progress
    • Adapting treatment strategies over time
  1. Case Studies and Practical Demonstrations
    • In-depth analysis of specific cases
    • Hands-on exercises and application of techniques
  2. Advanced Topics and Current Research
    • Exploration of recent developments in the field
    • Future trends and research directions
  3. Understanding Hemispheric Lateralisation and Immune Function
    • Review of research on hemispheric lateralisation
    • Implications for immune function and disorders
  4. Exploring Autonomic Nervous System Development
    • Development of the autonomic nervous system
    • Impact on social behaviour and disorders
  5. Investigating Asymmetry in Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • Examination of facial and brain asymmetry in ASD
    • Relationship to symptom severity and developmental trajectory
  6. Role of Hemispheric Specialisation in ASD
    • Atypical hemispheric specialisation in ASD
  7. Early neurobiological markers and implications for diagnosis
    • Specific tests
    • Value and purpose of different methods
    • Accurate evaluation of test results

Day 1

Session 1 - 2hrs


Concept of Functional Disconnection Syndrome: The idea that neurobehavioral disorders stem from imbalances in brain hemispheres, impacting children's development.

Broad-Spectrum Approach: Combining multiple methodologies, including movement, diet, and brain stimulation, to address developmental challenges.

Parental Empowerment: Critical role of parents in the intervention process for their children.

Brain Development and Evolution: Links brain development in children with evolutionary aspects, discussing the progression from infancy through adulthood.

Neuroanatomy and Physiology: Detailed aspects of brain structures and their functions, highlighting their relevance in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Clinical Case Examples: Real-life examples to illustrate the effectiveness of his approach in treating disorders like autism and ADHD.

Lifestyle and Environmental Factors: Impact of external factors like technology and diet on brain development and disorders.

Holistic View of Health: Comprehensive understanding of the interplay between the brain, immune system, and overall health.

Educational Approach: Continuous learning and application of new knowledge in clinical practice.

Session 2 - 1.5hrs


Overview of Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Prevalence and nature of various mental health issues in children and adults.

Brain Development Insights: Brain development and function, with a focus on the roles of brain hemispheres and their impact on behaviour and emotion.

Real-life Case Studies: Practical examples to illustrate the application of theoretical concepts.

Influence of External Factors: How technology, diet, and lifestyle can affect brain development and disorders.

Intervention and Treatment Strategies: Outlines practical therapy techniques, offering insights for effective disorder management.

Understanding Brain Development: Brain development and function, emphasising the roles of brain hemispheres and their impact on behaviour and emotion.

Practical Applications and Case Studies: Real-life examples to demonstrate the application of theoretical concepts.

Environmental and Lifestyle Influences: Influence of external factors like technology and lifestyle on brain development and disorders.

Session 3 - 2hrs


Epigenetics and Neurodevelopment: How environmental factors influence gene expression and brain development.

Brain Asymmetry: How asymmetry affects conditions like ADHD, autism, and schizophrenia.

Evolutionary Perspective on Disorders: Why certain neurodevelopmental disorders persist from an evolutionary standpoint.

Neuroplasticity and Intervention: Emphasis on the brain's ability to adapt and the potential for therapeutic interventions.

Sensory Integration and Emotional Regulation: How sensory experiences and emotional responses are processed in the brain.

Session 4 - 1.5hrs


Discussion of Hemispheric Brain Function: Understanding of left and right brain hemispheres, emphasising their role in emotions, thinking, behaviour, and various psychopathologies.

Neurological Imbalances and Disorders: How imbalances in hemispheric brain function can lead to conditions like ADHD and autism.

Case Studies and Emotional Impact: Case studies, focusing on how these neurological imbalances affect emotions and behaviour.

Environmental and Lifestyle Factors: How external factors like technology, diet, and lifestyle can impact brain development and neurobehavioral disorders.

Practical Application and Therapy Techniques: Practical techniques for therapy and treatment are discussed, offering insights into managing these disorders effectively.

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Day 2

Session 1 - 2hrs


Brain Hemisphere Functions: Right and left brain issues, highlighting differences in their functions and symptoms caused by their overactivity or underactivity.

Autism and Dyslexia: Misdiagnosis in children, noting that language delays and nonverbal communication are key indicators.

Neuroanatomy and Intelligence: Connects brain areas to specific cognitive functions and delves into the neuroscience behind intelligence and genius.

Development of Genius: Whether genius is genetic or cultivated, using examples like Einstein and Newton.

Sensory Perception and IQ: Impact of sensory deficits on IQ and brain development, emphasising the importance of early intervention.

Neuroplasticity and Potential for Change: The brain's ability to change and adapt at any age, debunking myths about fixed intelligence or abilities.

Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar disorder, its relation to brain hemispheres, and how it might be differently expressed in creative individuals.

Neurodevelopmental Testing: Specific cognitive tests to understand brain imbalances and deficits better.

Session 2 - 1.5hrs


Muscle Tone and Neurological Implications: Importance of understanding muscle tone in examining head tilts, body tilts, limb angulations, and facial asymmetry. Muscle tone variations indicating brainstem or brain level issues.

Neurological Systems and Imbalances: Role of vestibular, postural motor, oculomotor systems, and cerebellum in brain development. Effects of imbalances in these systems on body posture and eye movement.

Facial Asymmetry and Brain Activity: Observations on how facial asymmetry, including wrinkles and eyebrow positioning, indicate brain activity levels. Relationship between facial muscle tone and neurological health.

Motor Output and Brain Hemispheres: Differentiation between voluntary movement and automatic movement in relation to brain hemispheres. How muscle tone is associated with the same side of the brain stem.

Evolution of Bipedalism and Brain Development: The evolution of walking and its relation to brain and vestibular systems. The role of bipedal posture in the development of the brain.

Child Development and Reflexes: Stages of child motor development and its relation to brain growth. The significance of primitive reflexes in development.

Neurological Assessment Techniques: Methods to assess neurological health through physical posture, facial features, and motor skills.

Impact of Media on Neurology: Effects of violent video games and media on brain areas responsible for social skills and morality.

Treatment Approaches and Cases: Examples and outcomes of specific treatment approaches for various neurological conditions.

Addiction, Video Gaming, and Brain Imbalance: Discussion on the impact of gaming and digital media on brain hemispheres and overall neurological health.

Genetic Disorders and Brain Function: Exploration of how genetic disorders influence brain functionality and development.

Session 3 - 1.5hrs


Brain Asymmetry and Imbalances: Understanding brain asymmetry, particularly between the hemispheres, and its implications on development.

Primitive Reflexes and Developmental Integration: Role of primitive reflexes in development and the importance of their integration for healthy neurodevelopment.

Hemispheric Examination Techniques: Guidance on conducting basic hemisphere examinations to identify asymmetries and imbalances.

Impact of Retained Primitive Reflexes: The effects of retained primitive reflexes on behaviour and development, including their potential role in conditions like ADHD and autism.

Sensory and Motor Development: Connection between sensory feedback, movement, and brain development, with particular attention to the right brain's development.

Clinical Observations and Demonstrations: Real-time observations and demonstrations of reflex tests to elucidate their practical application.

Research and Clinical Implications: Insights into the research behind primitive reflexes and their clinical implications, as well as Dr. Melillo's own research findings.

Parental and Therapist Guidance: Advice for parents and therapists on assessing and remediating developmental issues.

Discussion of Case Studies and Examples: Real-world examples and case studies to illustrate key points.

Session 4 - 1hr


Introduction & Participant Experiences: Practical session with a participant describing her experiences of calmness and reduced overthinking following the exercises demonstrated in the session. 

Demonstration & Explanation of Techniques: Dr. Melillo conducts demonstrations on various reflexes and responses, discussing their significance and how to interpret them. He emphasises the importance of practitioner skill in performing these tests.

Practical Application & Patient Interaction: How to apply these techniques in clinical practice, emphasising the importance of practitioner experience and sensitivity to patient reactions. Dr. Melillo advises on how to handle different responses from patients, especially children, during these exercises.

Primitive Reflexes & Brain Function: The concept of primitive reflexes, their role in neurodevelopment, and how their retention can impact behaviour and cognitive function. Dr. Melillo explains how assessing and addressing these reflexes can lead to better therapeutic outcomes.

Hemispheric Integration: The importance of balancing the hemispheres of the brain is discussed, with Dr. Melillo explaining how imbalances can lead to various neurodevelopmental issues. Techniques for assessing and stimulating brain hemispheres are demonstrated.

Case Studies & Participant Observations: Discussion of observations and experiences in applying the techniques. Dr. Melillo also responds to specific queries about various conditions and symptoms.

Advanced Concepts & Future Directions: More advanced concepts in neurodevelopment and hints at future directions in the field, including how these approaches can be integrated into broader therapeutic practices.

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